The Hyde I.D. 4500 Puffs Rechargeable has arrived to revolutionize your vaping experience. This box-style salt vaping device combines the convenience of disposables with the sustainability of a rechargeable battery, making it a game-changer in the vaping world. Powered by a rechargeable 650mAh battery, the Hyde I.D. ensures a whole day of use without the worry of running out of power. With an impressive puff count of approximately 4500 puffs and a selection of 22 different flavors to choose from, this vape pen promises endless enjoyment. Whether you prefer a slightly looser MTL draw or a vaping experience with less airflow restriction, the Hyde I.D. disposable vape pen caters to your every preference.

Hyde Mag Rechargeable Disposable Pen 4500 Puffs

Hyde I.D. The Power of Rechargeable Convenience

The Hyde I.D. sets itself apart with its rechargeable 650mAh battery, offering vapers the convenience of a disposable vape with the added benefit of reusability. With a whole day’s worth of vaping on a single charge, the Hyde I.D. ensures that you won’t have to worry about carrying spare batteries or running out of power in the middle of your vaping session. This rechargeable feature makes the Hyde I.D. a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for vapers who seek both performance and sustainability.

Hyde Mag Rechargeable Disposable Pen 4500 Puffs

A Bountiful Puff Count

Prepare to be impressed by the Hyde I.D.’s astounding puff count of approximately 4500 puffs. This incredible capacity promises an extended and uninterrupted vaping experience that will leave you delighted and fulfilled. Whether you’re a heavy vaper or someone who enjoys the occasional puff, the Hyde I.D.’s generous puff count ensures that it will be your vaping companion for an extended period.

Flavorful Options to Suit Every Palate

The Hyde I.D. boasts an exceptional array of 22 different flavor options, each carefully curated to offer a delightful vaping experience. From the luscious sweetness of Philippine Mango to the refreshing twist of Raspberry Orange Lemonade, the Hyde I.D. caters to diverse flavor preferences. Whether you crave the coolness of Mint or the tropical delight of Strawberry Pina Colada, there’s a flavor for every mood and taste bud.

Smooth Draw with Slightly Looser MTL

One of the standout features of the Hyde I.D. is its slightly looser MTL (mouth-to-lung) draw. This allows vapers to experience a more unrestricted airflow, delivering a smoother and more comfortable inhale. If you enjoy a vaping experience with less resistance and a more effortless draw, the Hyde I.D. is the perfect choice for you.

Hyde I.D. Performance and Specifications

To provide a comprehensive overview, let’s take a look at the key specifications of the Hyde I.D. 4500 Puffs Rechargeable:

Puff Counts: Approximately 4500 Puffs
Prefilled E-Liquid Volume: 10mL
Nicotine Level: 5%
Battery Capacity: 650mAh
Battery Type: Rechargeable
Charging Type: Micro USB
Flavors: Philippine Mango, Raspberry Watermelon, Raspberry Orange Lemonade, Sour Apple Ice, Strawberry B-Day, Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Ice, Peach Mango Watermelon, Watermelon Ice Cream, Cali Melon, Blue Razz Ice, Cool Mint, Peach Mango Pineapple Strawberry, Dragon Fruit Lemonade, Rainbow, Strawberry Pina Colada, Fuji Apple, Lemon Cookies, Lemon Iced Tea, Strawberry Blackberry Lemonade, and Peach Lemon.

Unparalleled Vaping Pleasure

The Hyde I.D. 4500 Puffs Rechargeable presents vapers with unparalleled vaping pleasure. With its rechargeable convenience, bountiful puff count, and diverse flavor options, this vape device promises a vaping journey like no other. The smooth draw with a slightly looser MTL adds an extra layer of comfort and enjoyment, ensuring that each puff is a flavorful and satisfying experience.


The Hyde I.D. 4500 Puffs Rechargeable is a game-changer in the vaping world, offering vapers a combination of convenience, sustainability, and flavor variety. With its rechargeable battery, impressive puff count, and smooth draw, the Hyde I.D. caters to vapers seeking an exceptional and enduring vaping experience. Embrace the power of reusability and indulge in a vast selection of delightful flavors with the Hyde I.D. 4500 Puffs Rechargeable. Elevate your vaping journey to new heights with this innovative vape device that promises endless enjoyment and satisfaction.

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